Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Fever

While I was in Target last week shopping for Easter supplies, I'm pretty sure I was struck by a bit of spring fever.  I've heard a lot of talk about people loving their new Threshold product line; but, I found my little piece of heaven near the stationery aisle.  There was an impressive display of Mara-Mi giftables and I honestly could have emptied the shelves! 

I ended up treating myself to this gorgeous ceramic travel mug (and, I thought I couldn't enjoy my morning chai more, until I poured it into this pretty mug).  For Shimmer, I couldn't resist the sparkly two-tone coin purse.  Gave it to her on Easter day... perfect for her Sunday School offering.  You really need to seek out that aisle the next time you visit your local Target!

Not far away, I also decided to buy this striking gold striped notebook (pretty paper is a weakness of mine).  After letting it waste away on my bookshelf the last two years, I'm reading one thousand gifts by Ann Voskamp and I thought this fitting for my journal of thanks.  Along those lines, I was drawn to a gorgeous patterned box of thank you notes with the perfect punch of emerald green (color of the year) to have handy when I need one.  My last "unplanned" purchase was a nordicware tart pan.  Something I don't own and often wish I did so I can make quiches or fruit tarts.  Love the fresh aqua color!    

So, what do think about my diagnosis?  Looks like spring fever to me... and, for under $40 it beats a co-pay!  I'm feeling better already.  These make me smile...

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