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Familiar with the song “Shimmer” by Shawn Mullins? It’s from his album entitled Soul’s Core, which was the unofficial “soundtrack” to the months that my husband and I were dating. One summer’s night we even got to see Shawn Mullins at an outdoor concert nearby. He was opening for Hootie & the Blowfish... {insert smiles or giggles}. Although there are many songs on the album that I love even more than “Shimmer”, that particular song took on more meaning a few years later, after we were married and were blessed with two children.

I was a career-oriented, working mom who was torn between responsibility to my job and missing my children each day I was at the office. Like any self-respecting parent, of course I had photos of my children in frames on my desk. After the birth of our son, I hung a b/w photo collage frame for each of them side by side on the wall of my office. For one of the photo openings, I printed our daughter’s name and the aspiration “born to shimmer…” followed by her birthdate, and for our son, the same with the expectation “…born to shine”.

Before ultimately being divinely-convicted to leave my career (as well as the compensation, sense of achievement and identitiy that came with it), for the job I was born to embrace as a more present and loving mother, one of my co-workers came to affectionately refer to my treasures as Shimmer and Shine.

In an effort to protect their privacy, when I began blogging the building of our new home at, these seemed the natural online names to use for them. And, each day, I continue to pray that Shimmer and Shine “are born to radiate… that they are born to live, born to love, and born to never hate…”

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