Monday, February 11, 2013


Do you remember warm fuzzies??? Those cute little pompom creatures with sticky feet and googly eyes... they were big when I was in junior high. I came across some cute valentine-colored warm fuzzies last year and couldn't resist bringing them home! Here's a peek at what we ended up doing with them.

If you're obsessed with cupcake papers like I am, and want a tutorial for these cute flowers, we used the one found on Skip to my Lou, HERE. Shimmer chose THESE free printable valentines, she personalized for each of her friends, and we added the warm fuzzies on top!

Shine has a lot of girls in his class so we did the same tootsie pop flowers for them; but, he liked THESE printable valentines better, and we found something different for he and the other couple boys in his class. We saw THESE "wheelie" cute valentines on a blog called thirtyhandmadedays (she's the creative source we're using for Shimmer's valentines this year, too).

I was so excited about the adorable vintage plastic blue cars I found at a local dollar store. They were perfect!!!

I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes. My heart repeats it over and over when I have the chance to make a day more special for Shimmer and Shine and their friends... "do small things with great LOVE". Whatever you come up with will be wonderful if you wrap it in love!

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