Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine Treats

I'm a little behind in posting all the details from Shimmer's birthday party, but I thought I would start off your week with some Valentine's Day inspiration. If you're like me, you may still be deciding on what to do for classroom valentines and treats. There are so many ideas, making the choice is sometimes harder than making the actual valentines... well, we can hope anyway!

We have a free day after school tomorrow, so I am gathering the materials today for us to get our craft on. I'm still debating what to send in for a classroom snack though. The last two years, I've been the cookie baker and decorater for at least one of their classes.

If your name is next to cookies this year, I hope these give you some decorating inspiration :)

I did something a little healthier for Shine's class last year and made little mini banana bread muffins (just used a pretty valentine liner to celebrate the occasion) and was also asked to help with drinks. Since Shimmer's class got the pretty sugar cookies, I wanted to make sure I did something extra-cute for Shine and his class, too. I had plenty of craft supplies leftover from Shimmer's Love Potion #9 birthday party the month before, and came up with these cute wraps for the Fruitables juice boxes we sent in.

All you need is some pretty scrapbook paper, paper doilies, baker's twine and some double-sided tape. The adorable straw flags were a printable from one of my favorite blogs, Jones Design Company. She offers free printables every once in awhile; but, also has a monthly club you can subscribe to (for a really small fee) with the greatest organizational lists, art prints, cute crafty things like the straw flags; plus, a cool tutorial every month. Love her!!!

Anyway, the juiceboxes were a huge hit and I hope it inspires you to make the treat you send in a little cuter. Making these memories for my kids and their classmates is one of the joys of my life, having fond ones of my own, from classroom parties when I was in elementary school and we had "grade mothers".

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