Saturday, January 26, 2013

Baker Hats

Every aspiring pastry chef requires a suitable hat, don't you think? Well, after seeing some adorable hats embellished with coffee filter and cupcake paper flowers, I knew our little bakers would definitely be needing those! You can actually buy disposable paper chef hats pretty inexpensively online or even purchase nice cloth ones; but, unlike the aprons I wasn't brave enough to make myself, I knew this was a project I could definitely handle. Afterall, I can't resist a great tissue paper craft! THIS tutorial is easy to follow, if you want to make one for a little chef in your life.

With some pretty alphabet stickers I found at Michaels, I personalized the hats ahead of time and set one at each placesetting. Not to leave their American Girl dolls out, I made hats for the four of them, too!

Following the advice of the girls from One Charming Party, I pre-glued the coffee filters and let the girls choose from a fun assortment of cupcake liners to customize their hats when they got here.

They each chose four regular size wrappers and three mini wrappers to make their flowers.

For the doll hats, I simply used white cupcake liners and the girls picked out two cupcake papers and three mini muffin papers for the center.

After we let all the flowers dry a bit, we "fluffed" them up and I hot-glued each of their beautiful creations onto their hats to make sure they stayed put. How cute!!!

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