Wednesday, January 23, 2013

You're Invited!

Shimmer and I started talking about themes for her 10th birthday party back in December. Just in the last year, she has gotten interested in the American Girl dolls... saving up in 2011 and buying her first one herself! So... she knew she wanted to include her doll. We considered going with a sewing and baking theme. There are a couple really cute parties out there on Pinterest to "pattern" one after; but, in the end, we decided it would probably be better to focus on one of the two ideas -- and we chose... baking!

We made our own invitations this year, using kraft paper and ribbon I had on hand, and pretty papers she had in an American Girl scrapbook pad.

We saw THESE on etsy and decided it would be more personal to do them ourselves and that way we could also customize them with our own colors. Shimmer was only inviting three friends (I like to keep parties small to be more intimate and I can afford to do nicer favors that way); but, I ended up making six invites including a keepsake for her, and one for my mom and sister who were going to be in town for the party.

I found the basic wording for the invite on another etsy baking party invite.

To up the cute factor, instead of a plain old envelope, I had a few pink treat bags leftover from her Love Potion #9 party last year (I'll post those pictures soon in time for Valentine's Day inspiration). We folded doilies over the top and closed them with baker's twine, of course! Added a cute little "open me" tag I found on Martha Stewart and a pretty cupcake liner flower we made to build some excitement for her party!

I think it worked!!!

Wouldn't you like to be invited :)

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