Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring

Shimmer and Shine came in from playing outside after school today with some tiny flowers in hand for me. The first of the season and such a sweet gift on the first day of spring. One of those moments when you feel God close at hand. Perfect blooms for one of my "mommy pots"... a favorite purchase from a little gift shop years ago. One of those items you spy at the register and think quickly, as they ring up what you really were there to pay for, should I throw these in too??? So glad I did... something I would have missed not having.

While they were outside enjoying the warm weather we have been blessed with of late, I was inside trying to tidy up a few rooms so that we can get our Easter decor out tomorrow. Moved a few things around and now we have the perfect spring centerpiece on our kitchen island. HAPPY SPRING!!!

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