Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pom Love

In my life, I have been blessed with the love of three special aunts. One of them will soon be watching her only daughter, my cousin, walk down the aisle this summer. When my aunt was married on a hot summer day a long time ago, I was fourteen years old and stood as her guest book attendant. Years passed, and when I was married, her daughter (as chance may have it), was also fourteen years old and stood as my guest book attendant. Funny how life moves in circles...

My aunt knows how much I love party details and so she enlisted my help with a bridal shower for my cousin this month. The wedding colors are orange and green, so I've spent my spare time this week making poms in those shades. With spring around the corner, it's been fun to see the trees I recently emptied of valentine's decor come to life with these pretty blooms. The night before the shower, I turned most of them into garlands and pom vines. I have hours of work into these things, but it's so worth it to help make a special day for my aunt and cousin more beautiful.

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