Sunday, March 17, 2013

McShimmer and O'Shine

Shimmer and I celebrated the season about a week ago with a visit to see Lord of the Dance.  I saw it years ago when it was at the height of its popularity, and was ready to join the troop by the end of the show (despite never having taken a dance class in my life)!  This time around the dancers we just as incredible; but, the girls don't all have the same long curly hair like they used to... I missed the uniformity of that, and the costuming was a bit different, too.  We had a wonderful "girls night" together though, and since Shimmer does dance, I know she had a special appreciation for what she was watching. 

Do you decorate for, or celebrate, St. Patrick's Day at your house in any special way?  I'm not at all into the leprechaun mischief... the school seems to have that covered anyway.  Last year, I spied those adorable rainbow twizzler and rolo treats on Pinterest, and couldn't resist making them for Shimmer and Shine and their classmates as a cute surprise. 

They were a huge hit!

This year, I decided I was about due to make some sugar cookies for their class snack time, and I just happen to have a shamrock cookie cutter that I found after the fact last year, that was begging to be put to use.

They were both pretty excited to take them in to their teachers and classmates.  Added a cute printable from One Charming Party, and some simple paper doilies, and green ribbon, and there you have it... do small things with great love.

As for decorating and celebrating at home, I've become a big fan of rotating cute seasonal printables in a few 8x10 frames around our house.  It's a quick and easy way to decorate, and Shimmer and Shine are always excited to see something new appear on the mantle or on the kitchen windowsill

Shine brought home some really cute St. Patty art projects from school and I had to get photos of those, too.  It's a good way to keep the memory of cute things they've made, when you can't store or keep them forever.

Since St. Patrick's Day fell on a Sunday this year, I decided I would give it a whirl and try to cook up some traditional Irish fare for dinner.  Gave the family a choice of three soups I had seen... an onion soup with melted Irish cheddar cheese croutons; an Irish potato soup; or, Guinness stew.  They chose the later.  Once the stew was simmering, I even decided to make my first loaf of homemade bread trying out this Irish soda bread recipe with currants. 

It was a festive and fun way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  And now... may we wish you a sunbeam to warm you; a moonbeam to charm you; a sheltering angel, so nothing can harm you.

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  1. i'm not sure how to go about this for next year, but i was a bit convicted this year that i didn't know enough about the real st. patrick to teach my children. i know there isn't much harm in the leprechauns and rainbows, etc but the fact that there is a very significant christian reason for the holiday that no one seems to acknowledge is pretty sad to me. (also sad that i grew up going to church etc and am not sure i ever heard anything about st.patrick!) anyway, all that to say, i hope next year i can remember to give a little more substance to the holiday to help point my kiddos to Christ. :) michelle benner