Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Brotherly Love

Seeing images today of the little boys from Sandy Hook who could be classmates of Shine brings me such saddness. I hope that this tragedy teaches us all to love a little more... really teaches us.

Do you have a special little boy on your Christmas list this year? Here's a gift that Shimmer and I put together for her brother last year. We saw the idea on the blog ARMOMMY and knew we had to do it for Shine!

Shine already had a lantern, so we just added a cuddly forest friend, and knowing his love for frogs and old-fashioned toys, the wind-up hoppy frog was another perfect addition.

Shimmer and Shine couldn't wait to try and set it up in his room... the close quarters didn't spoil their excitement one bit!

Here's a picture of the fort in better use outdoors this past summer...

What a fun gift, don't ya think???

We were a little late opening our advent book today. I hosted my second annual Christmas party for fellow school board members and their spouses at our home, so we pushed bedtime back a bit and saved the book for after all our guests left and read this one... The Three Snow Bears, as a bedtime story down by the fire.

Night, Night all...

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