Monday, December 3, 2012

The Greatest Gift

As a parent, it's easy to get caught up in wanting to buy your children their favorite things for Christmas. If your email is like mine, everyday is filled with the next best sale. As much as I love making dreams come true for Shimmer and Shine, Love and I have always been very concerned about them becoming spoiled or feeling entitled. We all want to raise grateful children, don't we? Can you even remember what you bought them last year or the year before? Do you think they remember?

The year before last was the tightest Christmas budget I've ever managed. We had just moved into our new home a month earlier and finances for gifts were really limited. Shine's BIG wish that year was simply a checker game and Shimmer was thrilled with a framed Flicka print for her room.

Last year though, I have to admit that I went a little overboard on gifts. I think I wanted to make up for the year before, and while they were appreciative of each present, I know they would have been just as happy with less. This year we are starting a new tradition in our home, four gifts each. Something you want (most likely Santa will fill this order); something you need; something to wear; and, something to read. We've been talking about it since October and Shimmer and Shine have made up their own jingle and are very excited.

Last week I saw one of my favorite blogger's, Emily at Jones Design Company, is doing the same thing this year. She is a wonderful graphic artist and created this artwork... isn't it so perfect?

So, have you started your shopping yet? Maybe this will inspire you to start a new tradition in your home, too. The greatest gift any of us can ever receive came down at Christmas... the Christ child. May Jesus be the focus of our hearts this year, no matter how many gifts are under your tree.

p.s. If you are following along with our Christmas book advent, I'll update this post a little later when Shimmer and Shine open their book for the day...

Here's the reveal for today. We opened and read it after school.

A book I gave to Shine for Christmas when he was 3. They both are miracles to me... as I hope yours are to you.

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