Thursday, December 6, 2012

Feeling Nostalgic

Today my Grandpa would have celebrated his 104th birthday. Three days ago, was unbelievably six years since my PapPap left this world to be with our loving Savior. I am lucky to have been extremely close with both of my grandfathers. I miss them dearly. Christmas time reminds me of wonderful traditions with both. Setting up my Dad's electric train and the village on the glittery cotton blanket of "snow" with my Grandpa; and, trimming the huge Christmas tree my PapPap always had every Christmas Eve after candlelight service. These are no instagrams... they are the real thing.

My cousin and I at my Grandpa's...

Me near the tree at my PapPap's...

Early this evening, we took a ride over to our local century tree farm to cut the Christmas tree Shimmer and Shine and I tagged about two weeks ago.

Shine has been eager to get our tree this year. I think he's most excited about setting his train up underneath it. Here's a picture from his first Christmas. Same tree farm... Love went to high school with the son of the family who runs it. We used to drive an hour to get there before we moved three years ago. Wonderful family memories of finding the perfect tree.

May all of you make lasting memories finding, trimming and sitting around your Christmas trees this year... and, happy birthday Grandpa.

Our book today turned out to be another one that my Aunt bought for Shine. He loves this book... Snowmen at Night.

Funny, that out of the stack that is left to open this turned out to be the book; because, I just bought another in the same series, Snowmen at Christmas, today for Shine's class at school. He and Shimmer found the coincidence to be super cool!

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