Friday, December 7, 2012

How Many Days Until Christmas???

Just wanted to share a quick Christmas craft with you today. Who doesn't love a great paper chain? Shine has been wanting one for his room so he can count down the days until Christmas. What to do on a rainy Friday after school when Shimmer is at a friend's? Perfect time to get our craft on, of course!

I did a quick search and found this chain with simple embellishments. They make it extra cute! Who cares if we are already seven days into December... not Shine. That just meant he got to rip off extra links tonight to get things started!

I have a feeling Shimmer may be a little envious when she gets home.

Before she left this afternoon, we made sure to open and read our advent book for the day. Turned out to be a little book called I Like Winter by one of my favorite children's authors, Lois Lenski. It's a charming vintage book and one in a series of all four seasons.

If you aren't familiar with Lois Lenski, please look her up. Shine has a whole series of her "Mr. Small" books. They are certain to be keepsakes for years to come.

Well, that's the end of our first week of Christmas Cheer... I hope that these posts are bringing some JOY to your spirit!

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