Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gingerbread House Love

Gingerbread and I do not have a good relationship. Two years ago, Shine wanted me to add some gingerbread men to the list of Christmas cookies we make. Of course, I was happy to give it a go. Unfortunately, let's just say things did not end well. I have never been so frustrated making cookies before! The dough was so sticky... and Shimmer needed to be picked up from dance class, and I think I managed to make four gingerbread men before I scrapped the whole project. Shine got to decorate a couple and I vowed to never make them again. So, the thought of attempting gingerbread houses has honestly never crossed my mind!

Enter our new local arts center and their invitation for the community to bring their children to make gingerbread houses yesterday. I was all for that... let the kids have at it and no mess at home!

We took a break from the party prep at our house and headed downtown. I think the whole community WAS there!

Fun for the whole family! Shine showed excellent technique with his icing bag and Shimmer was quite the landscaper, adding some sweet shrubs around her gingerbread house.

I'm still not planning to attempt any gingerbread men this year; but, today after church, I came home and printed out some free printable gingerbread houses I had "pinned" a week or so ago. The kids cut them out and I handled the gluing for them. Definitely more my speed...

Now we have a whole village on our piano :)

Today's advent book is one of my favorites, given to Shimmer by Mommy when she was very small. It's a beautiful book illustrated by Becky Kelly, called And Then in a Twinkling.

With the heart-wrenching news we've all been saddened by this weekend from Newtown, Connecticut, there was a reminder in this book I needed to hear today... "For Christmas brings goodness, redemption and light and helps reconnect us to all that is right." May God hold the families of Sandy Hook Elementary School in the palm of His hand. I know in my heart, Jesus is holding each child on His lap and weeping with us.

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