Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Eye Candy

Have you picked out your Christmas cards yet? I have a thing for pretty paper and the perfect font. Throw in swirls, and a verse, and there you have it... instant happiness! There are so many designs to choose from these days, it's incredible. I have a confession to make. I couldn't decide on just one this year.

The last two years, I've ordered our cards from tinyprints. Love this company and their gorgeous cards. They brought my Christmas greeting visions to life and did it again this year, but I also saw a design on Shutterfly earlier in the season and they were having such super sales that I bought some. I think Love liked them better... so we've got His and Hers cards this year ;) I'm not quite ready to mail any of our cards out yet, so I won't be spoiling this post with a reveal of them; but, I thought I would post some of my other favorites. You still have time to order yours!

Have you heard of the company minted yet? They have amazing designs, too. I love the simplicity of this one...

If you don't have the perfect picture, no worries, their artwork can be used by itself. And, I love that you can upgrade the edging of your cards with them. Round the corners or fancy it up with a scalloped punch like this...

Are you wanting to send cards yet? Don't stress. Give yourself a little more time. Be different. Send a New Year's card!

I haven't grown tired of the glitterly metallics yet. Here are a couple of my favorites from tinyprints with gold accents. Love it even more when you can find such a pretty design with a spiritual greeting.

I also wanted to show you their ornament cards. Aren't they super cute? I can so see them on our card tree. I hope someone sends us one!

Not to be left out... here is a merry greeting from Shutterfly!

See... SO many fabulous designs! How can you choose just one??? Some girls buy more than one wedding dress. One for the ceremony and one for the reception. Me -- I order more than one Christmas card ;)

p.s. Here's our advent book reveal for today:

A fun story about oversleeping (I can relate) with nice illustrations... Hurry Santa!

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